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Dr. Deanna Gunson

PGY-2 | McMaster | Family Medicine
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    Physicians are widely regarded as leadership figures in their workplace and their community. However, the amount of actual leadership training a physician receives in both medical school and residency is minimal at best. We are expected to be leaders by the very nature of our profession without formalized training.

    This is why I’m applying to the PARO leadership program. As a PARO GC member I know that I already have a leadership role. I feel that this program will give me more experience that I can use to being a more effective PARO representative and advocate for my peers. I hope to also run for the PARO board next year and I feel that this is a good opportunity to increase my skill set to make me a more qualified candidate.
    In my program, I know it will also make me a more effective resident. I hope to gain skills that will give me more confidence in regards to my diagnosis and management plans, allow me to motivate my patients, and ease me into the transition into practice.
    Lastly, I hope it will give me the tools and skills that I can build on over the years as a staff physician. I know it will help to ease the learning curve when I start my own practice and aid me in regards to managing staff and patient concerns and in general make me a more effective physician.

    I would also like to clarify that, although I am a family medicine resident in PGY2, I will be doing a PGY3 year so I will be able to complete the entire two years the program requires.

    Thanks so much for your time and consideration and I truly hope to be a part of the PARO leadership program this year.

    Deanna Gunson
    McMaster University
    Family Medicine PGY2

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Dr. Mimi Lermer

PGY-1 | McMaster | Family Medicine
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    Hi GC,

    Thank you for considering my candidacy for a PARO Board of Directors position. I have had the privilege of representing residents through PARO since starting my residency – almost 4 years now. After my first year as a general council representative from McMaster I was a board member for two years, and this past year I have really enjoyed the role of Site Chair. My experiences in these roles have given me a solid foundation in the workings of PARO, as well as exposure to many varying resident perspectives. As a representative to PARO, I am always working to speak for all resident views to the best of my ability.

    My journey through residency has been somewhat unique, taking a full year of maternity leave and now undergoing a switch in programs. This July I am very excited to be starting a family medicine residency at McMaster. In addition to representing residents from both Royal College and CFPC, I want to represent resident mothers and parents, and residents going through the transfer process.

    My experience on the negotiations team in 2017 not only afforded me with a deeper understanding of the contract but prepares me well to continue with the next negotiations team. I am excited to continue working with the contract team in the assessment of the Investigative Approach to the Contract that has been underway at McMaster and Western so far. We have been collecting data on call schedules at McMaster and I would like to contribute to the analysis process.

    Ultimately, I really enjoy my time spent advocating for residents and would be grateful for the opportunity to return as a PARO board member and apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired working with amazing residents and PARO staff.

    Thanks very much,
    Mimi Lermer
    McMaster Univeristy
    PGY 1 Family Medicine