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Dr. Michela Febbraro

PGY-3 | NOSM | Int.Med-General
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    Hello everyone! It would be an honor to represent you on the PARO Board! I am hoping to use this opportunity to be a voice of reason, change, and vision. Growing up in small town northern Ontario, there were plenty of opportunities to get involved in government, in environmental leadership, and in sports/wellness endeavors. I always took pride in giving back to the community that raised me. When I entered medical school, I learned that it’s not enough just to give back. Action and voice for change are equally as rewarding and as powerful. It was for this reason I became involved in the NOSM student society and undergraduate committees. From there, I moved onto residency where I sat on several residency planning committees and education committees. Up until that point however, I had only ever been involved in local initiatives. It wasn’t until PARO that I expanded my horizons and went ‘provincial.’ PARO has taught me so many lessons and has fostered so many relationships and friendships. Through this experience, I have gotten to see what governance is like at a provincial level, I have learned how to advocate beyond your institution and speak for change. I have learned how to be solutions focused, and outcomes driven. I have learned to honor wellness and work/life balance in order to better the climate for our resident body. Overall, I look to be an extension of your voice and your commitment to the PARO brand while representing you on the PARO board.

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Dr. Colm McCarthy

PGY-4 | McMaster | Surgery-CIP
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    Colm McCarthy
    PGY 4 McMaster Orthopedics

    Dear GC Members

    Thank you for taking the time to read my nomination statement for vice president, secretary, and member at large.

    As the current Vice President and GC Chair of PARO I believe that I have an excellent understanding of this position as well as the requirements of the job. I first became involved in PARO four years ago where I severed for two years on GC and two years on the board.

    Over the last four years I have held the following positions:
    RDOC Board of Directors and training committee co-chair
    Royal College’s Resident Accreditation Committee and Committee on Specialties
    Vice Chair OMA Section of Residents
    PARO Negotiations Team
    Chair of PARO Min Specs Committee
    McMaster PGME Committee
    McMaster CBME Executive Committee
    McMaster Orthopedic’s RPC

    As a returning member of the board I plan to continue with optimizing medical education policies and programs, as well as focus upon resident education and contract enforcement. I am also thrilled out continue working on our contract negotiation team as we enter the second round of negotiations that I started two years ago on the board. I am excited to continuing to work with Dr. Azzi, Dr. Fage, and Dr. Lafrenier who have been a joy to work with. I am also excited to continue working with those candidates who are re-elected and welcome new members to the board as peers. I feel my long PARO experience, surgical resident status, as well as a being parent uniquely qualify me for this position as I can represent a large group of residents who are frequently not represented well. I pride myself on being approachable and wish to speak for all residents, not just those who are in my program or walk of life.

    Colm McCarthy

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Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

PGY-5 | McMaster | Int.Med-Cardiology
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    My name is Zeeshan Ahmed and I am a PGY5 in Cardiology at McMaster University. I have had the pleasure of serving on the PARO general council for the past 5 years and represented you as your royal college representative as part of the 2017-2018 board of directors.

    I have been fortunate to have held a variety of roles over the past few years including orientation lead and site chair. My role this past year on the board of directors was to liaise with the royal college and provide a resident perspective on a range of issues as they pertain to the implementation of the competency by design curriculum.

    My passion lies in medical education scholarship and residency advocacy. I am currently pursuing my MHPE through Maastricht University and I look forward to pouring my passion into advocating for resident interests in the current sea of curriculum change in academic medicine.

    PARO is an organization that carries the trust of its membership and each term, I strive to honour this trust. My rich experiences at PARO have helped me advocate on your behalf through thoughtful and collaborative means. These experiences have come characterize my gentle and comprehensive approach to advocacy.

    My strengths lie in consensus building and over the years I have gained experience in navigating the delicate balance of advocating on behalf of our resident colleagues while simultaneously maintaining a strong commitment to patient safety. I have an interest in resident fatigue management and going forward I would like to lead a thoughtful analysis of institutional provision of safe patient care whilst promoting resident well-being.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to serving you to the best of my capacity moving forward.

    Your colleague,