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Dr. Liora Berger

PGY-2 | Queen's | Psychiatry
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    This past year as Secretary on PARO’s Board of Directors I was inspired by the PARO team’s ability to work together to improve our residency training experience. I am here asking for your support as I would love to continue in my role as a member of the PARO Board!

    I am currently the CBME Resident Lead for Psychiatry at Queen’s, member of the CBME resident subcommittee, and the PARO Board’s CBME Information Gathering Lead. I have explored the experiences of residents and Program Directors across different universities, and experienced first-hand the challenges and successes at Queen’s. As Queen’s nears the end its CBME transition year and accreditation, I am able to reflect back on a great deal of valuable experience that I hope will be an asset to the Board this coming year.

    I currently represent PARO on multiple committees and was a member of the PARO Board’s negotiations team. I have delivered presentations to medical students, residents, and international medical graduates. This year, as the PARO Board’s Teaching to Teach Lead, I assisted in delivering and coordinating workshops, training new facilitators and presented the workshop at ICRE. I am motivated to broaden our scope of delivery and incorporate your feedback to improve the Teaching to Teach experience.

    From my participation in PARO’s Leadership Training course, I have learned that I lead by example. I am quick to volunteer and always happy to help. As a Board member I have enjoyed working though challenges at the different sites and I am inspired by each team’s eagerness to find solutions. We all share the common goal of graduating as well trained doctors who continue to be passionate about medicine. I hope to continue my involvement and be part of the team that makes this possible.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Liora Berger
    PGY-2 Psychiatry
    Queen’s University
    PARO Board of Directors Secretary

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Dr. Alexa Clark

PGY-2 | Queen’s | Int.Med-General
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    I'm Alexa Clark, a second year Internal Medicine resident. I'm delighted to be running for re-election on the PARO General Council! The past two years of PARO involvement have been phenomenal and I hope to keep that momentum going.

    During my PGY1 year I worked as a PARO General Council Representative. I served on numerous committees to ensure that the resident experience was optimized at Queens.

    This year I led the Queen’s PARO team as Site Chair. I’m thrilled with the amazing work our team accomplished to locally enhance the resident experience.

    The successes that I am particularly proud of include:
    - Minimizing the call burden for residents by working with PGME and the hospital to provide ECG training to allied health so that residents no longer are required to provide ECG services after hours
    - Advocating for resident workspace during a time of transitioning due to renovations within the hospital

    I am passionate about continuing the work I have been involved with over the past two years at Queen’s and specifically have interests in further optimizing adherence to the contract, resident work space in KHSC and none urgent overnight pages.

    I have the leadership skills, experience, enthusiasm and commitment that would make me a great returning PARO General Council member. It would be a privilege and an honor to continue advocating for and serving our fellow Queen’s residents for another year.

    Thank you!

    Alexa Clark