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Dr. Tracy Sarmiento

PGY-2 | Toronto | Psychiatry
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    Hey guys! I am so thrilled to be running for a PARO Board of Directors position. During my last two years on PARO, including my position as Toronto Site Chair, I have learned so much, and become very aware of and involved in ongoing issues and projects that I cannot wait to continue working on. One of my recent personal projects was auditing the available call rooms at specific hospitals, and comparing this to how many residents require call rooms, nightly. We were able to bring this discrepancy to the attention of the appropriate stakeholders, and instigate change. Also, I feel proud to continue to address many residents’ questions, sit on multiple committees, work collaboratively with program directors and other interested parties to benefit the lives of residents.

    Recently, I have truly seen how influential and respected PARO really is. For example, as site chair, I was often contacted by (and worked with) different organizations, requesting PARO’s opinion or assistance. I loved being involved in these discussions, personally, and encouraging my peers to become involved, as well.

    Additionally, I have a unique set of life experiences that position me well to champion the issues that affect residents the most. I attended medical school in Northern Ontario, and have now been living in Toronto for the past two years. With this, I can draw on my experiences in both settings to help develop solutions focused ideas. Also, I have been involved in local and provincial political advocacy committees and research opportunities, in med school and residency.

    I am aware that I have a lot to learn, and am eager to do so. I am passionate about this organization, and it would be a true pleasure to work with all of you as a GC Board member!

    See you all on Friday!