PARO Honours 2018 Award Recipients

On May 11, 2018, the recipients of the PARO Medical Student Citizenship, Resident Teaching, Clinical Teaching, Resident Advocate and Program Excellence Awards were honoured at a celebration in Toronto. For a full copy of the announcement, please click here.

McMaster University

Back row (l-r): Dr. Parveen Wasi, Assistant Dean, PGME, Mr. David Nguyen, Medical Student Citizenship Award Front row (l-r): Dr. Craig Ainsworth, Clinical Teaching Award, Dr. Robin Mackin, Resident Teaching Award


Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Back row: Dr. Cathy Cervin, Vice Dean, Academic Front row (l-r): Dr. Petro Yousef, Resident Teaching Award, Mr. Connor Inglis, Medical Student Citizenship Award Absent: Dr. David VanderBurgh, Clinical Teaching Award


Queen’s University

Back row (l-r): Mr. Andrew McNaughton, Medical Student Citizenship Award, Dr. Ross Walker, Associate Dean PGME, Dr. Jamey Adirim, Resident Teaching Award Front row (l-r): Dr. Greg Bishop, Clinical Teaching Award, Dr. David Taylor, (Internal Medicine) Program Excellence Award


University of Ottawa

Back row (l-r): Dr. Alan Chaput, Assistant Dean, PGME, Ms. Vanessa Russell, Medical Student Citizenship Award Front row (l-r): Dr. Sarah Funnell, Resident Teaching Award, Dr. Harvey Finkelstein, Clinical Teaching Award Absent: Dr. Christine De Meulemeester, Lois H. Ross Resident Advocate Award


University of Toronto

Back row (l-r): Mr. Benjamin Fung, Medical Student Citizenship Award, Dr. Glen Bandiera, Associate Dean, PGME, Dr. Rajesh Bhayana, Resident Teaching Award Front row (l-r): Mr. Aatif Qureshi, Medical Student Citizenship Award, Dr. John Lee, Clinical Teaching Award, Dr. Cathryn Sibbald, Resident Teaching Award Absent: Dr. Edward Margolin, Clinical Teaching Award


Western University

Back row: Dr. Jay Rosenfield, Vice Dean, Medical Education Front row: Dr. Amanda Sauvé, Medical Student Citizenship Award, Dr. Parham Rasoulinejad, Clinical Teaching Award Absent: Dr. Daniel Pepe, Resident Teaching Award


Recipients of the Program Excellence, Resident Advocate and Clinical Teaching Awards received a unique and individually handcrafted glass sculpture inspired by the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”.  The acorn is a symbol of strength and perseverance. It is small yet strong and can withstand many of nature’s forces to grow into one of the mightiest of trees. Acorns only appear when an oak is fully mature, nearly 80 years! Although this alone is a fitting symbol for residency, in combination with the oak leaf it also perfectly illustrates the relationship between mentor and mentee. The oak leaf is a symbol of leadership and the oak tree nurtures and protects the acorn, which through time and dedication will grow into an oak tree that will nurture and protect future acorns.